A tour of Bellignat

As you may remember from my earlier post, I`m living in a student residence in Bellignat. The high school I`ll be working at is a 2 minute walk away, so its very convenient. The middle school is in the  neighboring town of Oyonnax, but in reality they are one. Bellignat is much smaller than Oyonnax- roughly 4,000 people to Oyonnax`s 24,000, but the borders are all over the place and the two are ultimately about a 25 minute walk apart. When I arrived, I grabbed my camera to take a look around my new surroundings for the next 8 months!


my dorm!


view from my room


Of course, one of the first things I checked out was the  nearest boulangerie! Fortunately, there is one right across the street from the lycée, and I`m already a regular.




As I mentioned, I live in a dorm…but there`s no university in Oyonnax! The school associated with the student residence is a post-high school technical academy for work in the engineering or plastic industry. I`ve been told the American equivalent is an associates degree or community college. This is the building next to the dorm, where most of the residents attend class:


And Lycée Arbez Carme (one of those few French words where the end letter IS pronounced!) The high school is a technical school-dedicated to students wishing to pursue employment in the plastic industry. I even got a tour of the machines students use in technology class- they make products such as plastic cups, eyeglass frames, desk chairs, and more!

my lycée

my lycée

I was in search of the post office to mail in my documents to OFII- French immigration, more on that later!- so headed into centre ville to check that off the list and explore. The center of Bellignat is pretty small but gorgeous.


Monument to French veterans


17th century church



Hotel de Ville



That`s about all there is to Bellignat. There is a train station, but its very small and more trains pass through Oyonnax anyway.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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