So, aren`t you supposed to be working in France?

So a common question with my posts about hiking, taking day trips, and traveling around France, is Nathalie, shouldnt you be teaching more and goofing off less? 

Yes, I am working in France.

I am working at a middle school and a high school which are both very close to each other and close to where I live- all walking distance! I work 3 hours a week at the middle school and 9 hours a week at the high school. I was set up with a very convenient schedule- I am at the high school Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and at the middle school every other Monday or Friday. I alternate. So yes, this does mean that every other week I have a 4 day weekend!

Maybe I`m not really helping my case that I really am working here…moving on.

At the high school, I work with 4 different English teachers (its actually supposed to be 5 but the last one hasn`t had me in his class yet). All of the classes I work with are secondes, which are the French equivalent of high school sophomores, so mostly 14, 15, or 16 years old. So far, teachers have given me nearly free rein when it comes to teaching- they remain in the room and occasionally help me demonstrate activities but I have control over the full class and what activities we do. A few of the teachers have made requests- such as discussing New York State or high school sports- but its for the most part its up to me what we cover.

At the middle school its a little bit different- and developing. For the first two weeks I was working, I was placed in classrooms of sixièmes, or sixth-graders. The teachers I was working with split up their classes in two and I took half the class to a separate room to introduce myself and let them ask me questions in English. However, I won`t be working with sixth-graders anymore- from now on I will be working with troisièmes, or ninth-graders. I`ve only had one day so far with the troisièmes so what I will be doing at the middle school is still unfolding. Stay tuned!

All in all, I have a very workable schedule here. I only work 4 days a week, and the hours I work are close together- I do have some early mornings though! After 4 years of avoiding 8:30 AM lectures like the plague, its a bit of a shock. I usually work 3 classes a day. When I work Mondays I have class from 10 to 2:30, Tuesdays I work 9 to 3, Wednesdays and Thursdays 8 to 1, and when I work Fridays I`m at the middle school from 8 to 2:30.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “So, aren`t you supposed to be working in France?

  1. Bailee says:

    Love this inspiring post! It seems like you’re enjoying your journey. So happy I found your blog on The Blogging Elite. Will continue to check it out!


  2. casserlenoyau says:

    Hi Nathalie! What a great blog you have. I’m just starting my application for TAPIF for the next school year. Do you have any tips for the application? Placement advice? I’d also love to hear more about how working with the students has been! Merci!

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    • Nathalie says:

      Hi, thank you! Good luck on applying to TAPIF! For the application my advice would be to focus on teaching or tutoring experience, and be creative since I was not an education student! As for placement it depends what you are looking for. Personally I fell in love with Lyon when I visited, but look at what kind of weather you would like, nearby airports or train stations, etc. Theres no guarantee you`ll be placed in the biggest city so keep that in mind. Stay tuned for future posts!

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  3. Kate says:

    Hello! I am going to be a TAPIF this year in Creteil! I was wondering if you were able to pick your hours or if they were assigned? I am looking into being an au pair to save money on rent and just want to be sure I will be able to!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nathalie says:

      Hi! My hours were assigned but they were helpful for me- as in I only worked 4 days a week and one of my days off was either Monday or Friday. However, it totally depends on the school, as some other assistants had very inconvenient and sporadic schedules. I would talk to your referent teacher if you are trying to be an au pair, and usually they will try to work around it, but its on you to be flexible!


      • Kate says:

        Thank you so much! I emailed my contact at the school and she has yet to get back to me, so I am just looking for any other information I can get!

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