The most beautiful villages of France- Pérouges edition

When I studied abroad in Montpellier, my friend Elisabeth recommended the historical village of Pérouges as an excellent afternoon trip from Lyon. When I visited Lyon, though, we didn`t have the time to make the trek, but after hearing her rave and seeing her amazing photos, I knew I had to go! Fortunately, living in Oyonnax I`m a lot closer to Pérouges than I was in Montpellier, so back in November a whole group of us language assistants decided to take an afternoon and visit this raved-about medieval walled town.

How to get there

Pérouges doesn`t have its own train station, but is very close to the train station of Meximieux. It took a couple train changes from Oyonnax, but once I got there Pérouges is less than a 20 minute walk from the train station.

Les plus beaux villages de France

This independent French association tries to showcase small-town French beauty- and so about 150 towns and villages scattered across the French countryside are labeled with a sign advertising them as ¨The most beautiful villages of France¨.  You can check out the full list here, if you read French. Pérouges certainly deserves the designation! Its a storybook town, perched up on a hill, that seriously transports you back in time. We had so much fun wandering around the little streets- and enjoying the local speciality – the sugary galette. You don`t need a whole lot of time to enjoy Pérouges- 3 hours sufficed for us! Enjoy!



the main square!

the main square!



Have you ever been to Pérouges or one of the most beautiful villages of France? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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