To Portugal and beyond!

Finally, after being gone for 5 months and having my very first Christmas without my family, I will get to see 3 out of 4 members in a new country for all of us. My parents, sister and I will spend a week in Portugal- Lisbon and Evora, with daytrips planned!  This has really been the longest stretch of time I’ve gone without seeing them- since when I was in Montpellier for a year a family Christmas in Europe split up the time in two. I will miss my brother, who has to stay in Mississippi for school, and of course our dog, but looking forward to seeing my parents and sister outside of a Skype screen!

After our family trip to Portugal, I’ll head back up to Creil/Paris for the second week of my February vacation, to spend time with Adam while he works. I have a few days planned to visit an old study abroad friend Elisabeth of The Francophone Files, who is currently a Fulbright grantee in Luxembourg!

Stay tuned for posts and pictures about my February adventures!

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