A daytrip to Giverny

Giverny, the hometown of Impressionist painter Claude Monet, is an easy day trip from Paris., and so.worth.it. 


How to get there? From Paris Gare St Lazare take the train to Vernon. At the Vernon train station there is a shuttle bus for 4 euros to get to the town of Giverny in 25 minutes, walking its about an hour. Adam and I met up with a fellow TAPIF assistant, and we chose to walk to Giverny since it was such a beautiful day. In retrospect, we maybe should have taken the bus- not because of the distance, but because the path wasn’t clearly marked and so we kind of, sort of, got a little lost. But we made it!

The main attraction of Giverny is Claude Monet’s house and gardens. It cost 5 euros for a student entrance and is totally worth it. We did have to wait in line about half an hour- and this was in the middle of the week. I bet on Saturdays and in the summer its even worse!

The Monet gardens are gorgeous.  Photos are really worth a thousand words in this instance:


20160420_131040 20160420_131122










Have you been to Giverny? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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