And back to France I go!

I have an exciting announcement to make: I’ve officially been accepted by the TAPIF program to work as an English teaching assistant in Lyon, France for the 2015-2016 school year! I’ve been hearing my French professor at Geneseo advertise this program every year to upperclassmen unsure about their post-graduation plans, and immediately knew it was a program I’d apply for. Several of my fellow Geneseo students have participated in cities ranging from Rouen to Nantes to Paris, and I am honored to be among them! This is a phenomenal opportunity for me to postpone the real world at least another year, gain some experience teaching to determine whether that’s a career path I’d like to go down, travel more around Europe, and improve my French skills!

Find out more about TAPIF here:

Find out more about TAPIF here:

What is TAPIF? 

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